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Brigantia Learning Trust

Our Vision

To create an engine of community cohesion, aspiration, achievement, success, and social mobility for every young person we serve.

We will achieve this by providing an outstanding 2-19 learning journey for local children. We passionately believe in the following which underpins the work of our Trust and are reflected in current practice:

  • Local children have boundless potential and deserve the very best.
  • A broad and rounded education so that every child is properly prepared to take their place in a complex and changing world.
  • Individual academy identity and each closely aligned to the community it serves.
  • Common operating systems and processes, particularly when related to standards, business management, and governance.
  • A seamless 2-19 learning journey and experience for every child and parent/carer.
  • Common ethos and goals, and partnership over the long-term.
  • That a local Sheffield partnership is best placed to deliver educational excellence now and in the future.
  • Partnership drives accountability, innovation, the sharing of best practice and better use of scarce resources.
  • The bedrock of any school is the quality and stability of the staff team. We care about staff well-being and are committed to attracting, developing, retaining, and promoting them within our Trust.
  • We believe partnership brings capacity, expertise, support, challenge, and strength.
  • Our partnership is part of a wider whole that fits into a city-wide strategy for education, skills, and employment.