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Brigantia Learning Trust

CEO Blog – April 2002

The Innovation Formula

Innovation in education is about more that new technology. It’s about solving a real problem in a fresh, simple way to promote equity and improve learning. Innovation in education matches the scale of the solution to the scale of the challenge. It draws on the creativity and experience of all its communities through its staff, students, leaders and partners.


One of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs of recent times, Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, famously said: “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” We know that innovation by its very nature will involve change and with a clear and ambitious vision we can bring about change that will be required to achieve the best outcomes.


Is there an innovation formula and what can we learn from other sectors? In our opinion, the elements worth considering include collaboration, reflection, planning & implementation, and adding value. Here we consider each of these areas and how they apply to our Trust:


Collaboration: this is more than teamwork – building relationships, within and beyond our existing networks, and then working towards common goals. Placing greater value on each individual in our organisation, allowing them the time to think and work together, and to act on joint initiatives or complex projects, will support generating value for our academies and communities. Our ambition is to learn together, to listen and be inquisitive and curious, and then for everyone to feel empowered to act for the benefit of all our young people. It’s about agility and tapping into collective knowledge.


Reflection: we believe growth is strongest through the gradual development of the things that matter to us most and that growth need not be in a single direction. In the months and years ahead, as well as looking for other like-minded educators who share our moral purpose and mission, we are going to focus on supplementary growth in developing community hubs around our children and young people. Our priorities will be providing wraparound care from a whole range of specialist services from social care to youth work, from educational psychology to speech and language services.


Planning & Implementation: our drive to embrace a culture of change and innovation means we must engage and champion the enthusiasm and ideas of our workforce; we know that ideas are the seeds of innovation so we are encouraging the sparking of these ideas through a culture of curiosity and keeping great ideas moving forward. By setting measurable goals and realistic timelines we will be able to deliver on our change initiative vision; ensuring we communicate effectively, engaging with our stakeholders and monitoring our progress whilst adapting and making alterations along the way.


Adding Value: the purpose of innovation must be to create value for our young people. We will look beyond the narrative of the curriculum, examinations, extra-curricular and truly explore the needs of our pupils and students, their families and the communities we serve. As we know, value can be defined in many ways and our ambition is to brave, innovative and creative to enable us to ‘Create Excellence Together’ through a culture of care.


We have a future-focused innovation mindset and we foster an environment where innovation can thrive.

To find out more about our plans for the future and the real innovation happening in our academies download a copy of our latest newsletter here or visit our website: Welcome to Brigantia Learning Trust - Brigantia Trust