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Brigantia Learning Trust

July 2021



The Power of Collaboration


There are numerous strong heady ballads in the history of time linked to 'power'; famously The Power of Love by Huey Lewis, Power of Good-Bye by Madonna and The Power of the Heart by Peter Gabriel! 


At Brigantia Learning Trust we are continually learning about the power of collaboration and this has become part of our mantra when talking about what makes us unique. As we come to the end of one of the most challenging and arduous academic years we have faced, and take stock of what we have achieved together, the term collaboration soars high in the terminology that describes our very existence.


In trying to put distance between an empty cliché and a corporate buzzword let’s interpret the importance of collaboration and what it means to us as educators, as we secure the future of our young people and make them the central theme of all that we do. In its simplest form collaboration is what makes teamwork successful.


As a Trust our mission is to come together, and for each and every one of us to contribute our expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, initiative, project or goal. Our vision is creating excellence together and collaboration allows us to make speedy decisions with better outcomes. Cooperation and partnership has created resilience and teamwork that in turn has brought agility and pace in our decision-making.


Collaboration brings in new ideas leading to more opportunities for all those involved within our academies and in a true pattern of ongoing improvements, it fills the skills gap and helps to improve our abilities leading to the further development of knowledge and experience at both a professional and personal level.


In identifying this vital way of working we have seen real change and progress taking place before our very eyes; even more so as we come through the pandemic. We have learnt, and are still learning, the by-products of working in this united and collective environment.


Partnerships & Innovation: we have been able to put together a range of mixed-skills teams who have brought their expertise to the forefront to find resolute solutions rather than operating in isolated silos. Our colleagues have been empowered with the confidence to capitalise on the skills and resources of others for the benefit of our pupils, students, families and staff. Connections between and across our academies and departments have brought colleagues closer together which has encouraged innovation and further opportunities and clear direction to take in the future.


Positive change & boosting morale: the reward of tightening connections, creating a more cohesive environment, improving communication channels and building trust has brought about positive change. There has been a profound building of momentum and excitement of working together with a common purpose and vision. This in turn has allowed us to deliver efficiency, effectiveness and quality, ensuring we have a workplace culture centred around learning and development for all.


In the words of a well-known African proverb - "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We are delighted to announce a major collaborative project and the launch of our Brigantia Centre for Technical Learning in September 2021. The 14-19 centre presents an incredibly exciting opportunity for the Trust to extend the broad and balanced curricula offered in our secondary and post-16 academies to ensure it engages, enthuses, and crucially meets the needs and aspirations of young people in North East Sheffield.  . 


There are more exciting initiatives ahead of us in 2021/22; read our summer newsletter here for further information about the Trust.


The future is bright... the future is in the power of collaboration!

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