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Brigantia Learning Trust

Nov 2021

CEO BLOG – November 2021

 “Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.” Seth Godin, American author


There are multiple life defining moments and with that comes change and periods of transition ranging from starting school, starting college, early jobs, relationships, moving home, children being born, promotion, career progression, your own children starting school ….. and the life cycle continues.


What we know as adults is that life transitions can be difficult because they mean change and leaving behind the familiar. According to transition theories in the world of psychology, there are phases and features of the transition cycle in terms of positive events; excitement, provisional adjustment, inner contradictions (uncertainty, losing confidence, confusion and possibly depression/crisis) with then a full escalation in reconstruction and recovery, with new confidence and transformation.


Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said: “Change is the only constant in life”. And he has a point. For those in the know, Heraclitus was a pioneer of wisdom who lived over 500 years BC (not Before Covid!) and his thoughts fed into the writings of Aristotle and Plato. So, he instinctively knew – and we know, that coping with change has always been key issues for human survival and evolution.


If we look at the positive impact on our lives, change and transition helps us to learn how to deal with adversity and overcoming challenges; helps build our self-esteem and confidence; supports personal growth; allows us to become more flexible and adaptable to new situations and presents new opportunities.


For us as a Trust, and as part of our evolution, change encourages us to be innovative. It helps us to develop our workforce in terms of skills, talent management and succession planning. It provides a framework to be ambitious and explore new opportunities. It enables us to be part of the reinvigoration and regeneration of our communities. Our aim is to be ready, positive and agile with a network of high performing teams to relentlessly explore new ways of working to improve the life chances and secure social mobility and justice for the children, young people and their families within the communities we serve.


As a Trust with academies in all settings from 2-19 we have seen the importance of effective transition strategies in these key phase changes; to support our young people and staff – teaching and support. From induction initiatives and programmes to buddies, mentors and coaches. Flourishing in supportive, caring environments is our goal. The investment must be in our staff and young people so they are ready and prepared to embrace change at every stage of their lives and careers.


Transition is the key to transformational change and in our latest Trust newsletter we showcase the range of induction and transition programmes in each of our academies – download a copy here. To find out more about us visit: Welcome to Brigantia Learning Trust - Brigantia Trust