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Brigantia Learning Trust

Partnerships & Initiatives

 We believe in the importance of encouraging ambition, instilling a sense of self-belief and broadening horizons. It is our aspiration that every learner at the Brigantia Learning Trust will have access to the highest quality education, complemented by a wealth of enrichment activities and life-enhancing prospects, developing new skills and enlightening students and pupils to their next steps.

 As such, we have developed a range of partnerships and initiatives to enhance every learners time with us.

 Continued Professional Development

Across the Brigantia Learning Trust, we are dedicated to investing in our staff’s professional development, to ensure that our pupils and students are provided with the highest quality teaching and learning, through innovative, creative and forward-thinking practice.

In 2023, three members of staff across the Brigantia Learning Trust, at Hinde House received accreditation as Teacher-Coaches, through the National College of Education.

The qualification included a 15-month specialised program of in-depth training on research-based instructional coaching strategies, feedback models, learning theories and communication techniques, with staff embarking on the course to further invest in their professional development, and to provide teachers with personalised support and targeted feedback to enhance their professional growth and help them to implement research-based practices, and innovative approaches in their classrooms.

The Level 4 qualification encourages self-reflection, promotes continuous improvement, and empowers teachers to take ownership of their development, achieved on completion of 400 hours of off-the-job reflections, 15 written assignments, observations of our coaching practice and a professional dialogue with an external assessor.

Instructional coaching is highly regarded, and when embedded in schools, serves as a collaborative and transformative professional development approach which has been shown to enhance teacher mastery, ultimately contributing to the overall quality of education and student success.

We look forward to learning more in due course.

Academy Partners

Working in partnership with our academies offer the opportunity to share best practice, resources and expertise, for the benefit of learners and staff.

 By developing these mutually beneficial partnerships, learners experience a smooth transition into the next phase of their education, whilst working collaboratively with learners encourages the development of leadership skills, builds confidence and self-esteem.

 In addition, secondary and Sixth Form students assume positions of responsibility throughout the Trust as they work in partnership with our primaries, assisting Sports Days, supporting through assisted reading and through a buddy scheme to guide pupils throughout the transition process. 


 The Challenger Trust

The Challenger Trust’s mission is for every child, regardless of their background, to have direct access to positive and life-affirming activities outside of school. Over the last 20 years, The Challenger Trust has worked with over 100 schools and 150,000 children in disadvantaged areas across the UK and helping them to achieve more beyond the classroom.

Brigantia Learning Trust began working with the Challenger Trust in October 2022 through a range of volunteering, community service, sports, performing arts, adventure, and enterprise activities. The programme's intended impact extends across a wide range of factors, including improved mental and physical health, improved attendance, behaviour and academic performance, increased employability and to have enabled social mobility.


Reconnected is a non-profit organisation, with the aim of reducing permanent exclusions in settings across the country.

Brigantia Learning Trust first engaged in talks with Reconnected in early 2022 and looks forward to rolling out the programme in Years 5-9 across the Trust. Promoting a trauma-informed approach to deal with the root cause of exclusion, Reconnected coaches will work in partnership with the pupil or student, academy and family to mentor, provide support and remove barriers and ultimately lower the exclusion rate.

Working in tandem with STEER Education, Reconnected coaches will provide a well-rounded approach to this pastoral intervention. The organisation has its background in charity and education to ensure an evidenced-based approach and has secured funding for the next three years, with plans to roll out the initiative across North East Sheffield before national implementation.

Ingle Foundation

The Brendan Ingle Foundation was set up to address the needs of the socially excluded and those at risk of becoming socially marginalised. The foundation achieves its aims by promoting social inclusion and helping the socially excluded reintegrate into society through sport, mentoring and education.

The Ingle Foundation was established to continue the legacy of Brendan Ingle, working with young adults and creating opportunity and togetherness through local projects, and striving to build a safe, kinder and bigger community that all can benefit from.

The Brigantia Learning Trust has been incredibly privileged to work with Brendan Ingle for a number of years, with many positive student outcomes including improved wellbeing and the overcoming of personal challenges.

Humanutopia Heroes Journey

Humanutopia is an organisation created to emphasise the importance of leadership and volunteering, whilst supporting and enhancing journeys into employability and life skill development. The Foundation aims to challenge young people to make a difference and create positive change within their educational community.

 Across the Trust, students have engaged in Heroes Training, developing their peer mentor skills; completing team-building activities and focusing on their communication skills, to support them in building strong relationships with younger students, as they mentor on subjects including confidence and mental wellbeing. Students will progress on to an authentic leadership experience as they support pupils in our primary academies,

 Voice Brigantia

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the nationally accredited Voice 21. All of the academies within the Trust have engaged in the programme and we have commenced a three-year collaboration.

 Through working with Voice 21, we believe this strategic focus on oracy will improve students’ attainment, but also, more broadly, their independence, ambition and resilience. In doing so, we know students will become more confident; giving them a voice, the freedom to express their ideas and supporting their wellbeing through articulation of their thoughts and feelings.

Oracy is included within all lessons and across the wider curriculum with the ultimate aim to provide a seamless and progressive Oracy journey through each key stage of development. This will be celebrated alongside our core values of Creativity, Confidence, Care, Ambition, Integrity and Respect.

Our plan is to work collaboratively with our academies in the following key areas:

  • Increasing confidence: empowering students with the belief that their voice has value, developing the ability to articulate thoughts so others will listen.
  • Improving academic outcomes: developing learners who can think critically, reason together and have the vocabulary to express their knowledge and understanding.
  • Fostering wellbeing: supporting students to build successful relationships, talk through issues, express feelings and resolve conflicts.
  • Equipping students to thrive in life beyond school: helping them to progress, access employment and engage in civic life.
  • Narrowing gaps: enabling disadvantaged students to fulfil their potential.
  • Promoting social equity: leading to a fairer society where everyone, regardless of background, finds their voice for success in school and in life.

 If you would like to find out more about how Brigantia Voice 21 is having an impact in our academies, then please email Simon Winslow, Director of Education, to find out more.

“In school, oracy is a powerful tool for learning; by teaching students to become effective speakers and listeners we empower them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them. It is also a route to social mobility, empowering all students, not just some, to find their voice and to succeed in school and life.” Voice 21

Community Partners

We take pride in offering learners a range of enrichment prospects and learning experiences, taking their learning beyond the classroom, and enabling them to flourish, by networking with a range of partners.

We work with an extensive network of organisations, charities, and institutions on a local, national, and international scale.

 The outcomes from these various schemes and programmes are based around the development of leadership opportunities, self-esteem, and confidence, creating an ethos of celebration, and further developing our enrichment and extended school provision.



Join Us as a Partner

We want to continue building mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships with organisations, to boost opportunities for the young people in the local area, offer engaging outreach opportunities, support the academic achievement and personal development of students and benefit both staff and students.

Examples of how partners can support the development of our academies and students:

  • Work experience placements
  • Reading mentors
  • CV support
  • Careers advice and insights
  • Mentorship
  • Enrichment and enhancement of the educational provision
  • Improving employment opportunities
  • Raising awareness of our Trust and academies.

If you would like to get involved and work with us, please contact: or by telephone 0114 2329010 ext.1027