Concord Junior Achieves Positive Ofsted Report

Ofsted inspected Concord on Tuesday, 24th, and Wednesday, 25th January 2017. The report grades the school as Requires Improvement to be good. This is in line with the school's own self-evaluation.

This is a tremendous achievement as, at the point of sponsorship by Brigantia Learning Trust in 2014, the school was graded as inadequate.

The report rightly recognises the rapid improvement that has been secured, particularly since the appointment of the New Headteacher in January 2015 and the many school strengths.

These include:


‘The trust is passionate in its vision for pupils in the school. The trust demonstrates a clear capacity to provide appropriate support in terms of leadership, finance and staffing, as well as challenge to leaders to provide the highest achievement possible’

‘Since the appointment of the headteacher in 2015 and the increased involvement of the executive principal, improvement has accelerated. It is clear that where school leaders have identified an area of weakness, they are relentless in their drive to secure improvement’

‘The headteacher is ambitious in her drive to improve teaching and learning. She is highly focused on implementing effective teaching strategies throughout the school and is accurate in het evaluation of the school’s performance’

‘Senior and middle leaders, the executive principal and the trust, have complementary skills and expertise’

‘Middle leaders work effectively in reviewing and evaluating their subject. Their strong subject knowledge is supporting teachers in the developing their practice’

‘The leadership of provision for pupils with special educational needs and /or disabilities is effective’

‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective’

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

‘The support to improve the practice of teachers has borne fruit and is now resulting in pupils making better progress’

‘The provision for pupils who are very new to speaking English is excellent’

‘Teaching in upper key stage 2 is carefully matched to the needs of pupils of all abilities and provides appropriate challenge. As a result, pupils make good gains in their learning’

‘As the teaching has improved, the most-able have quickly accessed new ways of learning and thrive on the challenge they are given. These pupils have made the most rapid progress from their starting points’

‘Work to engage pupils in developing their knowledge and skills through a broader curriculum has got off to a good start. Investigative work in science is strong’

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

‘Pupils speak with confidence and cooperate well with each other in class. They take pride in the work they produce in their books and for displays in classrooms and corridors’

‘Pupils learn about a variety of ways to keep safe. For example, about keeping safe online, through lessons and topic events. Pupils say they feel safe’

‘The school values are understood by everyone and are high profile throughout the school day. Year 4 pupils spoke confidently about their learning as to life in modern Britain, saying for example: ‘It is important because we are all different and it is important in life to get along with each other’

Leaders have taken a hard line on inappropriate behaviour, as they do not want this to affect pupils’ progress’

Outcomes for pupils

‘Work to improve writing has had a positive impact on reading. Pupils, including those with low prior attainment have books that are well matched to their skills so that they can read with fluency and enjoyment’

‘Pupils work shows that they are becoming successful mathematicians, able to reason and solve problems with the skills they have learned’

‘Support given to pupils who have special needs and / or disabilities is enabling them to make good progress. This includes effective transition arrangements, ensuring there is seamless progression of work from the infant to the junior school, work carefully matched to pupils’ needs and close attention to progress being made’

This is a very positive report and places the school on a firm footing for the future…