Hinde House 3-16 School Secures Good Ofsted Grade Once Again

In June 2016, Hinde House 3-16 School was inspected by Ofsted and once again graded as strongly good in all areas. Below is a selection of quotations from the report:

‘You have a clear vision to raise achievement and aspiration for all’

‘Trust directors share the Principal’s vision for sustained progress for all pupils’

‘As a result of strong leadership, rigorous systems and effective teaching, pupils make good progress’

‘You and your leaders have sustained a culture of high expectations over a period of considerable change for the school and its community’

‘Leaders have effective systems in place to monitor the quality of teaching and learning’

‘At all levels, leaders track pupils’ progress and have an acute understanding of the progress of vulnerable groups’

Leaders are committed to addressing the needs of vulnerable groups, and effective teaching, well-matched support and close tracking are leading to improving progress’

‘The school actively promotes a culture of safeguarding and pupil welfare lies at the heart of its actions’

‘Leaders have worked assiduously to establish an inclusive environment within the school’

‘Teaching has many strengths’

‘Well-paced lessons and demanding tasks challenge the most-able’

‘There are clear boundaries where unacceptable behaviour is challenged and positive behaviour rewarded’

‘Pupils feel safe in the school and value the actions taken to generate an inclusive community where tolerance is the norm’

‘Secondary pupils could describe how extensive work to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development has promoted a culture of tolerance’

‘Across both phases, pupils demonstrate confidence and self- awareness and take pride in their work’.

‘Behaviour in lessons and around both sites is orderly’

Parents were equally appreciative, describing a ‘totally supportive’ school whose focus was all about the child’

The report is a strong endorsement of our effectiveness as a school and an Academy Trust.