Wincobank Judged Good in all Areas by Ofsted

Ofsted inspected Wincobank NI School on Tuesday, 10th, and Wednesday, 11th January 2017. The report graded the school as strongly good in all areas.

This is a tremendous achievement for the school and is the result of a fabulously committed staff team, supportive parents/carers and wonderfully behaved and motivated children.

Key quotations from the report are as follows:


‘Since joining the multi-academy trust, the headteacher and senior leaders, supported well by the executive principal and academy directors, have raised expectations and brought about rapid improvement’

‘The headteacher provides good leadership. She knows the strengths and weaknesses of the school well’

‘Leaders work with ambition and determination and this is resulting in rapidly improving outcomes for pupils’

‘Leaders have instilled a collective responsibility for pupil outcomes among the staff. They all share the desire to provide every individual with the best possible education’

‘A relentless drive to improve outcomes for pupils has been successful. Leaders have secured a rapid improvement over the last three years so that at 2016, at the end of key stage 1, outcomes from all starting points, and for disadvantaged pupils, were above the national average’

Leaders have developed a welcoming and inclusive culture’

Teaching, learning and assessment

‘Teachers tailor learning activities well in order to meet pupils’ diverse learning needs and through their various stages of development’

“Teachers are uncompromising in their desire to support every pupil to succeed.”

‘Teachers carefully plan the curriculum so that reading and writing skills are applied in a range of subject in order to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding’

‘Skilled teachers and teaching assistants provide effective support to those who are new to school’

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

‘Pupils take pride in their learning and their school. Their positive attitudes to learning are contributing well to the progress they make’

‘Pupils’ learning behaviours are admirable and are enhanced by the high expectations of staff’

‘Teachers are very calm and nurturing, creating a positive learning climate where it is all right to make mistakes and where having a go is valued’

‘Pupils are polite and well-mannered to staff, visitors and each other’

‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective’

Early years provision

‘The learning environment both outside and indoors is organised well with high quality, age-appropriate resources’

“The vast majority of children are making fast progress during their time in the early years.”

“High-quality relationships enable children to feel safe and cared for.”

This is a confirmation of the good work of the Trust, senior leaders and staff team. Well done and congratulations to all!