Welcome to Brigantia Learning Trust

Brigantia Learning Trust is a successful 2-18+ Academy Trust in the north of Sheffield. It was borne out of the success of Hinde House 3-16 School that was graded as strongly good by Ofsted in 2012 and 2016.

Currently our Trust comprises Wincobank Nursery and Infant School (2-7), Concord Junior School (7-11), Hinde House Primary School (2-11), Hinde House Secondary School (11-16), Yewlands Academy (11-16) and Longley Park Sixth Form College (16-18+). All schools/colleges are located within 5 kilometres. All, in time, feed into another Trust school/college for the next educational phase.

Our Trust is exceptionally well led, and since our partnership began in 2014, all schools/colleges have either improved or maintained their Ofsted grade. 92% of students currently attend at least a good school.

Our Trust has many strengths:

  1. A strong and shared moral purpose that underpins its work.
  2. A vision that is coherent and a logical step for education in the area.
  3. Effectiveness rooted in an understanding of the complex local context.
  4. Leadership that is immensely strong, ambitious and committed.
  5. A clear operating model for partnership that focuses upon school improvement.
  6. A proven track record of success including the transformation of vulnerable schools.
  7. Immense staff capacity and expertise to drive improvement.

Our priorities are to drive improvement in each school/college, further develop local strategic partnerships and in so doing, secure a coherent vision for education in our unique part of the city. We are deeply committed to the progression of our students in higher education, training and the economy of the city.

Ultimately, and most importantly, we wish to be an engine of community cohesion, aspiration, achievement, success and social mobility for every child we serve.